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Jon Friedman, Belize Birding Guide

Jon Friedman is the owner of Belize Photo Tours™ and has been leading international birding and wildlife photography trips since the late 1980's. He received a B.S. degree in Biology and Ecology (with an emphasis on Ornithology) from a small New England college and also created its photography department. He created Expedition Wild™, Belize Photo Tours™' parent company, in 1995.

He has done ecology and population biology research at Harvard and Wesleyan Universities and has worked as a domestic and international Photojournalist and Photography Editor.

Jon has led countless international birding and wildlife photography trips for various lodges, private clients, college groups, and, for The Audubon Society, in Alaska, Oregon, and the Amazon of Ecuador.

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Personal Statement

Jon Friedman, Belize Birding Guide

I first fell in love with Belize at age 17, when I visited with my college Tropical Biology class in the mid-eighties. I was instantly hooked!

Between the incredible bird diversity (e.g. 8 species of Parrots), the friendly culture and the overall seething mass of living tropical ecology in plain view, Belize was, and still is, begging to be explored. The incentive to return again and again is clear.

Overall, having the lucky pleasure and good fortune to visit, bird watch and explore the wonderful country of Belize for the past 3 decades has been a true joy. It is this joy for Belize, the love of its people and birds that I am delighted to share openly with my clients, so they too can get a taste of Belize's culture, its tropical forests and all that they offer.

Jon Friedman, Owner
Belize Birding Tours™

Featured Client Testimonial

Belize Birding Tours Client Photo

"... Jon made a great contribution to the trip. His knowledge of birding and ability to spot wildlife was truly an asset, and was the highlight of the trip for several of the members. He was extremely professional, very knowledgable and fun to have as a guide ..."

Teresa H.
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We invite you to explore the site and Contact Us for more information.